Sunday, July 10, 2011

Week #3: Power Push!

This week is your chance to push yourself beyond your limits.  From your new found energy after Detox week, you have the prime opportunity to make big gains for big fat loss.  While you are following the exercise regimen, I am encouraging you to really test yourself and go beyond during your strength training days.  You want to use more resistance, heavier weights, and it is ok if you cannot finish your rep range in order to lift "heavier."

Many people are afraid to do strength training while working on a weight loss goal, because they don't want to "bulk up" or they want to "lose fat first before adding muscle."  Well, here's the good news....muscle dictates your metabolism, meaning that the more muscle you have, the more calories your body burns and more importantly the MORE EFFICIENT your body burns those calories.  Your body prefers to use body fat, because it yields more energy production.  Studies have shown that while you may burn more fat for energy during a cardio workout in your target heart rate range (65% MHR), you will actually burn more fat over a long period of time (after your workout is complete) due to a post-exercise "defecit" from a high intensity workout.

So here it is, work hard, play harder!  Week 3 is about increasing your exercise intensity, pushing yourself....GO BIG, or GO HOME!

Nutrition recommendation:
Breakfast:  1 servings protein, 2 portions low-glycemic index carbs OR 1 moderate GI
Snack:  Transitions Shake or Extend Snacks
Lunch:  Large Salad or Low GI-High Fiber Wrap with greens, extra veggies, 1 protein, essential oils (olive oil, milled flaxseeds, safflower oil, or fish)
Snack:  Transitions Shake or Extend Snacks or Handful of Almonds and 1 fruit
Dinner:  1 servings protein, 2 portions low-glycemic index carbs
Snack:  Cottage cheese, Plain Yogurt Parfait, or Steamed Edamame w/ Sea Salt

Be sure to drink at least 6- 12oz of water!  Workout nutrition tip: eat 30-60 minute prior to workout and post-workout is a great time for Transitions Shake made with 1/2 Cup fruit juice and 1/2 Cup water/skim milk.  Try to arrange your schedule accordingly.  Most importantly, you should review Week 1's post about this entire process.  The key to success in this challenge is the frequency of eating low glycemic meals, committing to daily exercise, and adding proven nutritional supplementation to support your goal:  Transitions Shakes and Transitions CLA are an incredible asset to your success! 

Be your best!

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