Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Fitness Starter Routine

Being a former elite gymnast, I am a big proponent of body weight resistance training & flexibility as the fundamental in creating a fitness routine.  As a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, I also realize the health benefits to this type of training to prepare the body to live an active lifestyle.  Functional training is at the heart of what I teach and train, so that will be my big push in upcoming weeks. Here is my starting routine:

Monday & Friday
Pull-Up Routine:  1 set with 30 second rest between exercises
maximum wide grip pull-ups
maximum close-grip (hammer) 45 degree pull-ups
maximum reverse grip pull-ups

Standing Lungest:  1 set of 20 each leg

Push-Up Routine:  1set with 30 second rest between exercises
20 inverted push-ups (I did handstand pushups against ladder)
20 push-ups with feet horizontal with shoulders (feet on 3rd ladder rung)
20 wide push-ups

Body Weight Deep Squats:  1 set 20 pausing at "bottom" for 3 seconds

20 undergrip pulls (like a bicep curl) & 20 Tricep Presses (like a narrow push-up)

25 Inverted abdominal curls followed by a 60 second plank hold

Tuesday & Thursday
Foam Roll (self-myofacial release technique): Glutes, IT Band, Piriformis, Adductors, Lats
Full body flexibility routine, each held for 45 seconds

3 mile light jog
CORE routine: 
60 second plank holds (front and both sides)
20 Superman lifts
20 abdominal curls on stability ball
20 Twists with resistance tubing band

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